Fun Friday – Wilameena the Witch’s 6 Days of Halloween

I have to say I have had the most fun with this EVER!!!!!  Thanks to Tricia for letting me use her graphics and modify others.  The cute darling owl is mine!  I did it all myself.  Oh my word, he’s cute.  Now on to fun stuff!

This is a special family activity designed to teach the gospel in a fun way. . . surrounded by the festivities of Halloween.

This activity lasts for 6 days, ending with a family party night on Oct. 30th.  Because this is such a HUGE project, I will be giving it to you in installments.  Keep checking back on this post to get the latest results.  I have day one for you and the whole lesson plan.  IT’s ALL DONE NOW!!

(This is a 69 MB file.  High Press Quality. Let me know if you want it in smaller chunks.)

This first clue to each day is on the back of the pumpkin pages.   You always start each day with  a pumpkin clue.

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  1. Thanks so much–my family will LOVE this!

  2. This is so dang cute Valerie! Can’t wait to use it.

  3. WhaWhooooooo!
    I LOVE the Owl! So stinkin’ cute!
    Way to Go!

  4. My family absolutely loved our first night treasure hunting. Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful with us!

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