How to laminate a sticker one sided

I figured it out!!!!  I was always so frustrated that I couldn’t laminate my stickers to make them last longer on all my games.  Well now I can!  YEAH!!!!  And I just HAD to share it with you.  Below is the step by step picture process.

First take your laminating sheet and put 2 8.5×11 sheets of recycle paper or throw away paper laying side by side so the edges are hanging over the edges of the lamination.

Then lay your sticker sheet over the 2 pieces of paper and close the top of the laminating sheet over the whole package.

This is what it will look like in the laminating sleeve.  The edges hanging over are the extra papers placed in there.

The outside papers will be fine going through the laminater outside of the cover sheet.

Peel open one side and you can see the back of the sticker sheet, or crack-n-peel, came through just fine.  This is why you have the papers sticking over the edge of the lamination.  It cause the front and back not to adhere to each other.  Thus giving you a one sided lamination job.

Here is the one sided lamination.

Put the sticker on your project and you have a finished result that will last for a long time!


Since then I have figured out a way to laminate two sheets at once, without wasting paper.  Just take your two sticker sheets and put them back to back, making sure your printed side is facing out.  Put these in the laminating sheet and run through the laminate machine.  You are now using both sides of your sheet to laminate each sticker side on one side.  When you cut off an edge then the two papers separate and you have your one sided laminate sticker!

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  1. Thanks! This might jus be a big help to me. I’m trying to single-side laminate book covers. Your photos and explanations are very easy to follow.

    • Thanks Bridgette, I loved that I discovered how to do this. I have used it tremendously since then and I appreciate your comment on the easy to follow instructions. I hope it works for you like you want it to.

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