Halloween Fun – Who’s Old Jack?

One of the best things I like about all our Halloween Games is that there are no heavy prop preparation that you will need to indulge in. It’s easy, economical and a lot of fun. All our games require very little space.  In fact, they also make perfect Halloween Activities just in case you have to plan a last minute Halloween Party at your home.  So, gear yourself up for the Perfect Halloween Party Activities.

Now, on to Who’s the Jack?  This is a great party game that is simple and easy to play.  Simply print out the cards.  You can make it front to back or just print out the even pages.  I like having a front back to my games because they come out looking so polished.  All our products are designed so they line up perfectly for printing.  No worries.  The only thing that would make them go off kilter is your individual printers.  You can print out a front/back test page to be sure if you want.

Game Instructions:

Everyone picks up a card and the one who gets the “Jack” card is the Jack. Only the host knows the real Jack. The team has to unanimously vote for one person who they think is “Jack”. If the person who is voted out is not “Jack”, the person with the “Jack” card gets more points. One point for every wrong person guessed.  This game is lot of fun and the person with the “Jack” card has to keep pretending like he/she is one of them while he/she is slowly removing the others out of the game.  If you are good enough, you win and if not, you have to roam around with the Jack mask.  You can have your own special mask for this game or you can print out the one provided and hook string or elastic waste band onto it for the person to wear.

Who’s Jack Party Game.pdf

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  1. I would like to download this game, but it is not available. Is there a way you could put the file back up? Thanks!

  2. Soooo cute! I wish it was in black and white, my color printer isn’t working. Maybe I’ll make my own game cards to use.

    thanks for the idea!

    • Sarah, all you have to do to print in black and white is hit the black and white option on your other printer. It should print out just fine. It does on mine. Let me know.

  3. the mask pages doesn’t down load with the cards is the a different Link for the pumpkin mask?
    I jst discovered you site and I love go back thru your old posts.

    • Yes, the mask is the other download in the post. O.k. I just checked and it’s not there. SORRY!! Sheesh I am having trouble lately. Thanks for pointing that out to me. There are two download links in the post now. I made it separate in case someone didn’t want the mask.

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