Family Home Evening – The Living Christ Part 2

Here is the second lesson for The Living Christ (the pdf will have the words for the pictures as well as the following outline):  The Living Christ Week 2

Opening Song:  I’m Trying to be Like Jesus p. 78

Opening Prayer:

Scripture:  Acts 10:38


Review the memorization from last week and follow up with any thoughts that you may have.  Encourage everyone to keep trying even if they don’t have the first part memorized.  You may want to go over it several times before moving on.

Read each part for this week and talk about the picture and why you chose it.

  1. Jesus Christ created the Earth and all things in it.  Without Him we would not be on this earth experiencing mortal life.  He created the animals, plants, water, land, and everything else you see around you.
  2. Jesus Christ was baptized.  He was perfect so why was he baptized?  To show us the way.  We should follow His example.
  3. Jesus Christ served others.  He spent his whole life serving those around Him.  He served his mother and father and then he taught others the gospel and performed many miracles.  There were many times when He was very tired from traveling and teaching but he continued to teach and always thought of others before Himself.
  4. Jesus Christ taught the gospel while He was on the earth.  He especially took time to teach the children and spend time with them.  He loves each one of us and wants us to learn His gospel.  This is why we go to church on Sunday and read our scriptures.  His gospel teaches us how to have peaceful happy lives.
  5. He wants us all to follow His example.  He asked His apostles to follow Him and He would make them fishers of men.  He asks us to do the same.  If we follow His example we will be happy.

Be sure to include your children in the discussion.  Help them understand why the Savior is so important in our lives.  The whole goal of memorizing the Living Christ is to talk about the Savior and learn about His life.

Activity:  Work on memorizing the new lines.

Closing prayer:


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  1. Thanks for all the great stuff you give us.

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