Halloween Fun – Build A Monster Color Version

I originally got this idea from Billybear4kids 2 years ago.  He had a Frankenstein Monster to put together and I improved the quality and made it into a Build a Monster on a post 1 year ago.  It was a great FHE idea that included this project.  (Here’s the link to that post.) I was always frustrated that I then had to color it right after I printed it out.  Why not just give me color and design at the same time?  Wellllll, ta-dah!  This year I took it and made it even better!  Here is the full color game that is perfect for parties.  The kids got a kick out of how funny Frankenstein looked after everyone had a chance to put him together.  This is also great for a classroom.  Just print out 2 or 3 copies and have teams build them at the same time and see how different each one looks.  You can even have prizes for the team that gets Frank put together the closest way to correct.  For younger kids, you can start with the main shirt and have them build from there or start with his head and shirt and go from there.  It’s up to you and the possibilities are endless!  I would love to hear how your parties went and if you put a different twist to the game other than the suggests I gave you.

P.S.  I just barely thought that it would be nice to have it as a larger size.  So now there is an 11×17 version as well.

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  1. Hey Valerie, thanks for the cute ideas. Halloween was never big at our house growing up . . . which was a bummer since I was born the day before:) My husband LOVES Halloween so for my family now that I am grown up it is a big deal! I am so excited for all these cute ideas! Thank you! You are all so very talented! I am room mom for my 4th grader, I might take the Build-a-monster game and have two or three kids holding the pieces at the same time, all blindfolded- but trying to work together like a “pin the tail” game and see if they can build him! Too hard? Thanks Again, Jess

    • Jessica, that is a GREAT IDEA. I don’t think that’s too hard for 4th graders at all. What a really great idea on using the game! Thanks for letting me know and sharing your idea. I love it when we all share ideas to get even more variations on how to use the games. It’s perfect!

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