FHE – The Living Christ Part 1

As I was reading the Ensign the other morning (yes, I actually did pick it up and read it this month – yeah for me!), I discovered an article that really hit me.  It is found on page 8 of the September 2010 Ensign.  It is titled “Bringing Christ into Our Home”.  In the article Sister Cynthia Green shares her experience of memorizing “The Living Christ”.  She talks about how it affected her and then how she went on to teach it to her family.  I have been inspired!  Thank you so much Sister Green.  I have decided to challenge myself and my family to memorize “The Living Christ”.

I do have young children (my oldest are 10) but I think they are much more capable of this goal than I am!  I have decided that even if we don’t all memorize it, we will be talking about it and learning about Jesus Christ and inviting the spirit of the Holy Ghost into our home.  Hopefully it will be an experience that we will always remember and it will help all of our testimonies to grow.

I have separated “The Living Christ” into pieces and put pictures that go with it to help us all remember it (if you don’t have the Gospel Art Kit or the new picture kit put out by the church, I encourage you to go get one – it is one of the greatest teaching tools I have encountered!).  Each Monday for family night we will start a new section.  I have posted this Monday’s section along with the corresponding pictures just in case you are up for the challenge!  You will find that we plan to take it slow – mostly for my sake!  Find the picture that you would like to use (I have listed an idea for you) and attach the words to the picture.  Then hang them up where everyone will see them often during the week and repeat it together at least once everyday (meal time, before family prayer or during scripture study are all good times).

As I have watched general conference and felt the spirit in our home, I have realized that we need to be doing more.  Memorizing “The Living Christ” will give my children an opportunity to learn about Him every day and to remember Him in all we do.  I plan to post the pictures on my pantry door so that we can look at every morning as we eat breakfast.  Is there a better way to start your day than by talking about the Savior?  If you decide to take the challenge, good luck!  Let us know how it goes and if you have any suggestions.

Family Home Evening Outline:

Opening Song:  I Believe in Christ (the children learned this in primary) or Come Follow Me (they are learning this for the program this year)

Opening Prayer:

Scripture:  2 Nephi 25:26

Lesson:  Read The Living Christ.  Talk about why it is important and who wrote it.  Ask your children why they wrote it.  Prayerfully think about what you should share with them as you talk about the testimony of our living prophets of our Savior.

Activity:  Present your challenge to memorize “The Living Christ”.  Talk about the reward they will get in the end (you can do an actual reward or discuss how it will make their testimony grow).  Show them the pictures and explain why you chose them.  Begin memorizing and then choose a place to post the pictures for the week.  Discuss ways to meet your goal as a family (i.e., when you will repeat it daily, small rewards for completing the weekly assignment, etc.)

The Living Christ

Closing prayer:


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