Tricia’s Thursdays – My Gospel Standards

This is a fun memory game that will help to


your primary aged children

to follow the Gospel Standards!

(We even have it in Spanish for you too!)

Our ultimate goal is for our children to always be


By teaching these important standards by


we can know that we did our part.

My Gospel Standards Are:

I Will . . .

Follow Heavenly Father’s Plan for Me!

I Will . . .

Remember my Baptismal Covenants and Listen to the Holy Ghost.

I Will . . .

Choose the Right!  I know that when I make mistakes, I can repent.

I Will . . .

Be Honest with Heavenly Father, Myself, and Others.

I Will . . .

Use the names of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ Reverently.

I Will . . .

Do those things on the Sabbath that will help me feel close to Heavenly and Jesus Christ.

I Will . . .

Honor my parents, and do my part to strengthen my family.

I Will . . .

Keep my mind and body Sacred and Pure!  I will not partake of things that are harmful to me.

I Will . . .

Dress Modestly to show respect for Heavenly Father and Myself.

I Will . . .

Only Read and Watch things that are pleasing to Heavenly Father.

I Will . . .

Listen to music that is pleasing to Heavenly Father.

I Will . . .

Seek Good Friends and treat others kindly.

I Will . . .

Live Now to be Worthy to go to the Temple and do my part to have an Eternal Family.

Here’s the PDF:

My Gospel Standards

Here’s the Spanish Version PDF:

My Gospel Standards Spanish

To Make This Project You Will Need To:

Print the PDF

(I printed mine on Crack-n-Peel)

Cut out each of the cards.

Cut cardstock a little larger than the printed cards.

I used white cardstock, but black would also be cute.

(This will help to make the game more sterdy.)

Each cards will have a front and a back.

Attach the cards to the cardstock.

Laminate the cards and you’re ready to play!

This game is a


to your

Conference Kit!

We also added a poster in 8.5×11 Size and 11×17 Size that your girls can use to put up in their rooms.  The boy one will be coming soon as well!

My Gospel Standards 8.5×11 Poster

My Gospel Standards 11×17 Poster

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  1. Are you going to make this for a boy also if so I would love to have it for the primary next year. Thanks

  2. This (My Gospel Standards) looks like a wonderful idea, but I can’t see or download anything – there are just big apostrophes in each box and there’s no place to click for a download. It just says download id = “9”. Hoping you can help!

  3. I meant exclamation points instead of apostrophes 🙂

  4. A little girl was just baptized in Panama and is very excited about everything Fe en Dios. We were hoping to send this to her but I can’t get it to download. I had no problem getting the English version, but when I try the Spanish version it doesn’t work. Any ideas?

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