Fun Friday – Halloween Decoration Bottles

I thought for sure Tricia had already posted this idea last Halloween, but after searching, I couldn’t find it.  She put together all these labels that were found amongst many different locations and even changed a few so they were not so evil sounding.  Here is a great idea for decorating those old used bottles for Halloween.  You can use any of your old cooking bottles, plastic or glass and create a fun way to celebrate the Halloween season.  There are a lot of different ideas out there, but the best thing about ours is it’s FREE!!  I actually searched the D.I. and yard sales to get the bottles for 25 to 50 cents each.  Be sure to do all different sizes.  You can even put Halloween candy, like eyeballs, worms, etc, in them to enhance the decor.  Add some spider webs with some spiders crawling on them and you have a positively spooky atmosphere.  As soon as I get mine decorated and put up I will add my own pictures to the post.  If you have some, email us the photos and we will add them to our post with your name under the photo.  We would love to share with others what you have done with your own bottles.

P.S. Sorry I forgot to tell you that you can print these on crack-n-peel, an Avery label that is full sheet.  Someone asked if they can be Mod Podged, but since I have never done that on glass, I am unsure as to if it’s possible or not.

(Here’s what my bottles look like, so far.)

Here are what the labels look like:

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  1. I love these…I’m so excited! Thank you, thank you! Now to find the bottles…

  2. Love these. Just wondering, what did you print them on? Did you just get some Avery labels or is there a trick? Can you use ModPodge on glass?


    • Briana, Good question. Sorry I didn’t put that in the post. You can print them on crack-n-peel or an Avery full sheet label. I have never modPodged on a glass, so I am unsure to that question.

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