FHE – Be prepared in case of fire

I was reading the paper yesterday and I couldn’t believe how many natural disasters there were world wide.  Most of the time we see these on the news or read about them and think they are so far from home that we don’t really need to worry about it here.  That is not true!  The people we read about all over the world thought the same thing before they were living it.  We need to be prepared.  Now is the time!  The scriptures say if we are prepared we need not fear.  Because of the fires that have happened locally recently, I decided to start with what to do in a fire.

If there was a natural disaster, fire, or any other kind of emergency and you had a short time to evacuate what would you take with you?  Have you ever thought about it in detail?  I’m sure a lot of us have thought it about once or twice.  I know we all value our computers these days because most of us have our family movies and photos stored on them.  What else would you want to grab if you had to evacuate quickly?

Take some time tonight to discuss this with your family.  Use our Emergency Check List (see below) to decide what your family values and what you would save if you had time.  It is very important to have a plan.  Create a Fire Escape Plan (see below) for your family.  This could be used in a fire or in any type of disaster.  Make sure you have a meeting place.  Help them to feel safe.  Have a couple of “drills” this week so they will remember what do in a fire.

Here is a suggested outline:

Opening song:  I Feel My Savior’s Love p. 74


Discuss that because our Savior loves us he wants us to be prepared for emergencies.

Scripture:  D&C 38:30  (“if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.”)

Lesson:  Discuss the EMERGENCY CHECK LIST and create your Fire Escape Plan.

Activity:  Have a fire drill and run through it a couple of times.  It really will help if they ever need to use it if they have actually been through the motions.

Closing Prayer:

Treat:  Strawberry Shortcake

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