Fun Friday – Tissue Paper Recycling

I always hate when we get presents with lots of tissue paper in it and I have to throw it all away, at the same time wishing I could reuse it.  However, it’s quite easy to tell if it’s been previously used or not.  This has always been a pet peeve of mine until now.

I recently learned a cool trick, maybe some of you or most of you know it, but you CAN re-use it and have it look new.  How you say?  Iron it!  Yes, you can iron tissue paper without ruining it and use it for future present giving.  Such a simple trick and somehow I didn’t know about this until now!  Set your iron to a wool setting making sure there is NO steam and iron away.

Fold nicely and store in your drawer until you need it at a later time.

This would be a great item to use to teach children how to iron. If one gets ruined, no big deal, simply throw it away and try again.

Another good tip idea for tissue paper is to use it when ironing on transfers to clothing.

Let us know if you have other good uses for tissue paper and we will add it to our comments on this post!  We love to get new ideas from everyone on our topics.

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