FHE – Family Council

I hope you are having a fabulous holiday weekend!  August was a little crazy for us.  Getting ready for school, back to school night, and starting school (and all that comes with that!) has been very busy.  I hope you and your kids are back into the swing of things at your house.  Now is a great time to start Family Council back up if you have let it go for the summer like we have. 🙂  With hectic schedules starting back up it is important for everyone in the family to be on the same page.  I’m finding with our sports, activities, school and homework we are needing to set some ground rules!

I am attaching Family Council Sheets for you to use as a reference for your family council meetings.  Begin by setting rules for your family council.  Let everyone know this is their BIG chance to participate in making decisions, setting the schedule and having a say in what your family does.  Each family member should feel important and like they have a voice at family council.  This is also a great time to set some goals for the month.  I suggest having family council AT LEAST once a month.  Having a calendar session every Monday before you begin family home evening could also be very helpful in keeping everyone on track.  You can also hold family council on Sunday if that works better for your family.

Always begin and end family council with a prayer.  The first Monday of every month could be designated Family Council night.  You may want to add a spiritual thought or family activity as well.  Even just having a game night following the meeting will bring your family closer together.  When having family council take the opportunity to teach your children.  Concerns may come up that will be a great teaching opportunity.  Don’t miss out on these.  Make sure you take the opportunity to praise your family for good things that have happened since the last family council.  Give everyone the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings on what is good about your family and what is working.   Set goals and follow through.  Family council can be a very powerful teaching tool.  It is a great opportunity to share your testimonies, to be positive with your children (sometimes I feel like all I do is nag!), and to set some goals for improvement.  Family Council is a great place for your family to reconnect.  Life is so busy make the most out of Monday nights!

Here is a fabulous article from the church on Family Council:   Family Council Article

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