Fun Fridays – I Spy the World Around Me

I have to apologize for my slothful postings these many many weeks.  I have had something going on every weekend and Friday’s are my post days.  So in a way of saying sorry you get more than one idea for our Friday post today.  Which is actually being posted on Sunday.  Oh the irony.

Have you ever tried to play that game in the newspaper where they take very close up pictures of things around town and you have to guess what it is and where it is located?  It reminds me of an I Spy game for the city.  My sister and I came up with an idea to do the same thing for our family reunion coming up at the end of August.  We are staying at this place that has trails and hidden objects amidst the garden area.  We are going to take pictures and then place those close ups on a sheet of paper and have people try to identify where they are located.  They are scored for their answers and that score is entered into the overall score for our Family Olympics.  (I will explain the Olympics later on in the next post.)  It’s a great game idea for young children who love to explore anyway and gives them something to do.  You can do the same thing at a park near your, or even in your own neighborhood, and all you need is a camera and a printer.  For older children, you can print the pictures in black and white to make it harder to identify and more of a challenge.  Just make sure they don’t peak at the younger child’s paper when they are trying to figure out what it is they are looking at.  Have fun spying that amazing beauty around you!

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