FHE – For the Strength of Youth – Friends

The older my kids get the more I discover how important this topic is.  Friends can influence our children so much.  If our children can make good friends it helps them make the right decisions.  This Family Home Evening lesson can be given in several different ways.  I have outlined several ideas to pick and choose from depending on the age of your children.  I have attached the lesson as well as a matching game that you can use for younger children.  There are a couple of good articles to read and opportunities to share some of your experiences.  I think our own personal experiences in making the right choice can be a powerful lesson for our children.  Sometimes they don’t realize that we know how they feel because a lot of the time we have been there. 🙂  It does look long but it doesn’t have to be – just pick and choose.  My children only have a short attention span so we tend to make it quick and to the point but if you have older children this may be a topic that you want to discuss in depth.  Just pray about what you should share and let the spirit guide you. 🙂

For the Strength of Youth – Friends


For the matching game go to the above website and print out two copies to make it a game or just use the cute pictures when you discuss what qualities a good friend would have.  Thanks to mormonshare.com for the cute graphics!

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