Fun Friday – New Summer ideas!

Are you starting to hear the words “I’m bored”?  I would be hearing them if it wasn’t illegal at my house.  If you dare to say those two little words, you get a whole list of things you can do (and they aren’t always fun, just needed!).  However, I do understand as a mom that at this point we have had several days off and have experimented and tried just about everything.  So in order to beat summer boredom now that it is blazing hot outside, I have put together some Summer Fun Cards.  I have included my ideas as well as a blank one that you can write your own on.  My ideas are from the Salt Lake and Ogden areas.  I have included free ideas, places that cost money, as well as some fun things you can do at home.  Some of the ideas take a little preparation so you may want to be ready for that and some are just easy and fun like having a car wash!

You can separate them into “cost” and “no cost” so that you can decide what you want to do that day or “travel” and “no travel”.  You can set rules such as you can only pick once out of the jar and then you get to go do that activity or let them have a couple of chances to pick what they want (maybe 2 or 3).  You may want to only throw in what you are willing to do that day and let them pick from those items.  No matter how you choose to do it, it will give you some fun ideas and something to answer the “Mom, I’m bored what can we do?” question with!

Here you go, have fun!

Summer Fun Activities – Blank

Summer Fun Activities 1

Summer Fun Activities 2

Summer Fun Activities 3

I would love to hear about how this works or doesn’t work for you.  I would also love to hear about your outings and what you put on the blank ones.

I think it’s a lot of fun to share ideas.  Sometimes we need to think outside the box and in order to do that we need to connect with other moms!

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