Preparedness Project – Travel Bag!

Today’s Preparedness Project is

Fast, Easy, and A Favorite for the Kids . . .

as well as the Parents!

It’s a Travel Bag!

The contents of this bag could make

all the difference when you travel.

No more threats of pulling over,

or complaints of someone touching someone else.

Can you imagine the travel part of your trip actually being

one of the highlights?!?

Here’s What’s Inside of My Bags:


Disposable Camera

Colored Pencils




Glow Bands



(I use Starbursts because it takes little fingers longer to open them.)

Beef Jerky

Fruit Leather or Fruit Snacks

Small Mile Marker Gifts

Car Bucks

Travel Games

Here’s the Alphabet Search PDF:

Alphabet Search

and the Alphabet Word Game:

Alphabet Word Game

and a

Mini Photo Album with Destination Facts and Photos.

Just for FuN . . .

Some of the items in my bag have been wrapped

and are going to be used as mile marker rewards.

I found a couple of different options for you to use for

your kids travel bag.

Canvas Totes

(11×8.5″ Canvas Totes 4 Pack for $6.99)

I got mine at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s

They come in all of my KiDs Colors . . . Love That!

I found every color but orange.


Small Craft Organizer

I found mine at Walmart for around $7.00

They hold the same amount, but craft organizer does have

some FuN PoCkEts!

This is how they all turned out . . .

Soooo FuN!

I’m going to be putting together a

Sunday Bag using the Canvas Bags.

Here’s the Travel Bag PDF:

Travel Bags

The License Plates can be Personalized!

I’ve included 3 pages of color options for YOU in the PDF.


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  1. The cuteness of that bingo game and the slug bug game and the I spy … thank you so much!!

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