I Have to Start a Conversation? But I’m Conversation Incompetent!

If you are anything like me, I hate starting conversations! I am so bad at it that I have my own conversation with myself in my head just trying to figure out what questions to ask. When Summer Driggs came out with her cards that she made for Young Women I loved the idea! In fact I loved it so much I wanted more. So naturally I took it the extra mile and came up with my own cards based on different categories.

I wanted my weakness to turn into a strength and knew the only way to do that was with practice. Here’s the concept. Each card is a 3×5 size. Perfect for putting in your purse. Keep them handy and review the questions often. I know that might sound geeky but it’s like scripture study. Sooner or later a question will pop in your mind when you are put in that awkward situation of “What do I say?” I like having the idea of keeping a few in my purse so I can pretend I am looking for something when really I am browsing my questions.

Imagine a lull and the awkward moment of silence. Suddenly, after searching for gum in your purse, you look up and say, “Soooo….. What do you think will be the next medical breakthrough in the coming decade?” People will think you are extremely social and intelligent. Well, it’s in MY dreams anyway.  😉

So far I have come up with 24 different categories. Each category is on it’s own uniquely designed card so you can easily identify the subject of Pets from the subject of Science & Medicine. I can’t wait to share them all with you. Each week I will post a new set for FREE. I know, don’t you just LOVE that word?!?! Come back and check often, you never know which day it will be on. Come to think of it, WE never know which day we are going to post either! (Just a little blog humor for Tracey!) Hee hee.

Thanks for being our blog followers, we absolutely LOVE sharing with you. If you like us, let your friends know. Share the wealth as they say!



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