Father’s Day FUN!

Father’s Day is coming up and it’s a perfect time for children,  young and old to celebrate their father’s, grandfather’s, uncles, and special males in their lives.  A few years ago, I was on a coupon kick and made all kinds of books for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Birthdays for children.  Now I am sharing those with you.  I had such a great time creating these a couple of years ago.  When I made these Father’s Day coupons I tried to make sure it was things that both girls and boys could do with their dads or grandfathers.  These were truly a labor of love trying to find the right paper and the right activities.  The love note on the Spouse version is how I really feel about my own husband.  Enjoy and Happy Father’s Day on Sunday!

Remember, if you download it, then leave some love in our comments.  Thanks a bunch!!  Let other people share the joy and direct them here.  We love it!

Grandpa’s Coupons – To Grandpa from Grandchildren

Spouse’s Coupons – To Spouse from you

Teenager Coupons – To Father from Teenager

Youth Coupons – To Father from Children

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  1. Valerie: We are on a very tight budget this year. I am trying to be so creative with gifts and things. These were perfect and really helped! Thanks

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