FHE – Summer Scripture Program

Have you survived the first few days of summer?  I have a cute sign on my front door that says, “Relax!” I really want to slow down this summer, enjoy my kids, and also feel like I’ve had a break from the crazy routine.  As I’ve thought about some goals for me and my kids this summer, I feel like we need to do a better job at our family scripture study.

The internet can be such a place for good!  I have found some fun ideas to start a summer scripture program for my family.  Let’s make the scriptures an exciting place to spend our time this summer!

*Family Tree Scripture Study Program

*Follow Christ Scripture Study Program

*Scripture Study Chart (My 12-13 yr. old sunday school class uses this chart!)

*How We Started Family Scripture Study (And Stopped Feeling Guilty) Great ideas from lds.org.

*scriptures4kids.com (So stinkin’ cute!  I love this website! They have a fun scripture reading challenge sponsored by Deseret Book!)

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  1. Carrie: These are awesome! I just have one question. I know that we have covered the paper clutter in the 10 steps, but how do you organize the family night or these kinds of things? This stuff is so great and I want to use it but somehow the paper clutter is honestly what seems to take over my life! Help!!!!

    • I hate paper clutter too! Yikes! It’s a monster that is always growing. I finally organized all my Family Home Evening ideas into a 3 ring binder. I use page protectors to keep each Family Night lesson seperated. All the recipes, articles, games, etc..are in one page protector. This way I can flip through ideas and have each activity in one “packet”. For the scripture challenge, you can make it an individual thing, have each child put their own challenge on their bedroom wall. (I use sticky-tac so it doesn’t take off the paint and I can remove it later.) You can also have a family scripture challenge that everyone can share. Place this on your fridge or a common area in your house. I hope this helps! Good Luck!

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