FHE – For the Strength of Youth – Family

Opening Song:  Families Can be Together Forever

Opening Prayer

Scripture:  Read from the Proclamation (the portion at the top of the Family section in For the Strength of Youth pamphlet) then read the Family section in For the Strength of Youth

Discussion:   Talk about what makes a happy family.   Ask:  How can you do your part to build a happy home?  Is our home happy?  When is it happy? (when we are kind and considerate of others)  When is it unhappy?  (when we are selfish and unkind to others)    Talk about what it means to respect your parents.  Ask:  How do you show respect?  (help when you are asked, participate in family activities with a positive attitude)


Principles to Make our Family Happy

Application:  Talk about your summer schedule.  Explain what your expectations are each day and have everyone agree to pitch in.  Explain that if everyone helps out in the morning they will have all afternoon to play and have fun.  Being part of family includes showing respect and helping out around the house.  Have them sign the T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Accomplishes More) committing to being a member of the Family Team!


Closing Prayer

Treat :  You can eat the treats you made during cooking time today if you used the job chart I created! 🙂  If you didn’t have cooking time make a quick treat together before Family Home Evening so you can eat it when you are finished.  My kids love to make chocolate chip cookies together!

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