Family Fun – Summer Schedule

School is finally out!  At least for me.  Some of you have been out for a week and some of you are still waiting. 🙂   Last summer I was in complete survival mode with a new baby (number 5).  This year I am ready to face it head on!  I like a little structure during the summer but not a lot.  There are a few reasons it is really important to have some sort of a plan.  We still need to get our basic chores done, I like to keep their brains working on some level, and I don’t want them to turn into lazy couch potatoes who fight all day long!  Thus, the need for some organization during the summer break.  I have put together a summer schedule for my kids that allows us to be effective in the morning and to play all afternoon!  After all isn’t the best part about being a kid having no responsibilities?  I realize it is a time of learning too but isn’t the best way to learn through play and hands on experiences?  I of coarse took that time in my life for granted and just wanted to grow up fast but some days I secretly wish I could go back (especially for just one afternoon of freedom)!

I am attaching the form that I made for my kids as an example.  The blank form is the one you will want to use so that you can personalize it for your kids.  The third form is one that Carrie made last year and I love it too!  The goal is to create some structure while still letting your kids enjoy their summer break.  As a mom, I really like having a little freedom during the summer.  Your schedule doesn’t have to be set in stone but can be used as a guideline.  I worked in Family Home Evening (cooking will generally be to make the FHE treat and their assignment will be written in on the blank line each week), my Daily Focus and their music into our schedules.  I also decided every week we are going to try something new.  So, on Wednesdays we have reserved the afternoon for a summer outing to try out a place we have never been or even just a place we love but don’t go very often.  You may want to have your kids make a list of places they want to see or things they want to do and pick them out of a hat each week.

I printed out each child’s schedule on a different color and then laminated them so we could reuse them every week.  You can print them each week if you would like but laminating them makes life a little easier!   Be creative and have fun with it!  Create some lasting memories for your kids.  After all, they grow up so darn fast! 🙂

Summer Responsibilities Hunter

Summer Responsibilities – Blank

Summer Time Chart Boy and Girl Versions

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    I am always trying to write down what we have to do each day, and I have gotten some charts, but this is exactly what we need in the summer. Thanks so much:)

  2. I’m so glad it is helpful! It certainly makes my life easier when my kids know what to expect. Have a HAPPY summer! 🙂

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