What’s on the menu? – Amish Friendship Bread

One of my friends gave this to me 11 days ago.  Yesterday, I finally was able to bake the bread and fell in love with this recipe.  It was so simple and easy to make.  I was very hesitant at first because I am not the type that likes to do the whole pass along to friends deal.  I hate it in fact.  If people send me emails saying I have to send it to 10 friends or something happens, I delete it.  So when I received this Ziploc bag full of weird liquid and a paper that said I needed to squish and mush, I thought, oh boy, what am I in for now?  I faithfully followed the directions and wham-mo, I almost ate the whole 2 loves by myself.  Luckily I have a house full of 5 boys and 1 husband to help me make sure I didn’t gain 10 pounds in one day!  Thanks guys!  I have included the PDF you give to people when you give them their own starter and also the recipe for the starter.  Enjoy and share the love of this FABULOUS bread.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  DO NOT SKIP the step of sprinkling the sugar/cinnamon mixture all over the bottom and sides of the pans.  This is a crucial overall yummy effect that you will miss the flavor of if you don’t do it.


Amish Bread Recipe

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