FHE – For the Strength of Youth

In our area we have been encouraged to use the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet when we teach our children.  I had always thought of this pamphlet as being just for the youth (ages 12-18).  However, I think it is very beneficial to all ages.  I have decided to take it and base my family home evening lessons on its contents for the next couple of months.  This pamphlet is a very useful teaching tool and my kids are responding great to it!  The first lesson is just to familiarize your children with what is in the pamphlet.  I recommend that you read it from cover to cover yourself and pray about what you need to share with your children.  My oldest kids are almost 10 but I have found plenty to share with them.  It is both sad and scary that we have to cover some of the topics in this book at such a young age but unfortunately it is the way the world is today.  I would rather be the teacher than have my children learning things from their friends and older kids in the neighborhood! 🙂  I also feel like this is a great way to open the door to important conversations.

I started by getting a pamphlet for each of my children.  I even gave one to my 4 year old.  She thought she was very important!  We read the message from the first presidency and talked about who they are and why this book would be so important that they would write their message on the first page.  We talked about how important it is to be a good example and to keep the commandments.  In order to keep the commandments and do what we have been asked, we need to understand what is expected of us.  We then read the section on Agency and Accountability.  We talked about what it means to be accountable.  I found this FHE from Families in Zion and I thought it applied to what we were talking about.  It is about being an example and why it is important to make good choices.

Be an example FHE

I plan on covering one section at a time and just covering the information on a level that will make sense to my children.  If you have older kids, you will want to cover each section in detail.  If you have both, you may want to cover the basics with all of them and then go into more detail with your older children later.  If your children understand what is written in the pamphlet and if they know how important it is to live by these standards, it will make their choices and decisions so much easier as they grow in a world with such different morals and values than what we would want them to live by.  Good luck!

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