Family Fun – Earth Day tradition

Happy Earth Day!  I thought I should post today instead of tomorrow since it relates to Earth Day.  I hope you are enjoying this crazy weather we are having today if you live here in Utah.  It almost feels like the earth is making itself known on its special day!  🙂  I was out with my children this morning on Fieldwork for school planting trees, pulling weeds, and beautifying a local trail here in Ogden and we were doing it in the snow!  Now (of coarse after we are finished!) it is actually sunny and beautiful outside.  What a crazy day!

I was recently talking with my friend and she was on her way to purchase a tree for her new baby boy.  She said that they plant a tree for each child the year they are born so they can watch the tree grow as they grow.  What a great idea!  I love it!  Unfortunately I have had my 5 children and have yet to plant a tree.  However, I think this is something my children would really enjoy.  I think if you are just starting your family, this is an awesome tradition.  If not, it can be started with older children or even grandchildren.  Take advantage of Earth Day and plant a tree that they can take care of and nurture.  As the tree grows they will be reminded that trees are important and they will take pride in the fact that they planted it and took care of it.  There are so many things we can teach our children about taking care of our world.  Teaching them about the importance of trees and nature seems like a great place to start!

I am working on a scrapbook page for you so make sure that you take pictures of your beautiful kids and/or husbands while you are planting your trees!  I’ll let you know when we have it ready.  Making memories is so much fun and looking back brings so much joy!  You can choose to plant a tree every year (there are a lot of parks and places in your area that could use some trees or plants of some kind) or you can pick something new to do each year (i.e., pick up trash along the road or at the park, learn about recycling, pass off something in scouts that has to do with taking care of the earth, start your garden if you haven’t already or plant something special in honor of Earth Day, etc.).  The possibilities are endless and your children will appreciate learning how to be responsible for the world around them.  Have a happy Earth Day!

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