Step 6 a&b – Be Prepared!

Steps 1-5 help you get your house in order.  We have covered making a blue print for your home, a daily quick clean to help you survive, 3 boxes to declutter, routines to help you find time to do it all and cleaning your home!  We are now going to into organizing your life.  Step 6 is all about being prepared.  There are a lot of things going on in the world today that make this a vital part of organizing your life.  Many people throughout the world have found themselves without a home because of a natural disaster or even just tough economic times.  Being prepared in all things will bring you peace of mind in all the chaos!

Begin Step 6 by organizing all of your important documents.  This could be anything from birth certificates and social security cards to your medical information and Wills or Trusts.  First you need to decide what is important to you.  Make a list of all the documents that you want to have immediate access to.  Start with your marriage license and/or certificate, birth certificates, social security cards, immunization records, allergy information,  and gather all of them so you can store them in your desk organizer.  For a complete list of what you can or should include check out Tricia’s blog and click on vital records.  She has listed important documents here as well as given many forms that you can fill out that will be very helpful in an emergency situation.

Next, begin working on emergency information and plans.  This could include evactuation plans and disaster plans.  It is important for your family to be prepared in any situation whether it be a fire, natural disaster, or an evacuation.  If your family has talked about it and is prepared to act, it will make a HUGE difference when it actually happens.  Children are scared when they don’t know what to expect.  If you have practiced and talked about an emergency situation, they will be much more calm when it comes to reacting to it.  I recommend checking out Tricia’s site for information on this as well.  She has several suggestions and other sites to check out listed on her ward blog.

This task can seem overwhelming.  Just pick what you can do and do it!  If all you can do right now is start to gather documents and talk to your children about a meeting place out front should a need arise, then start there.  Being prepared takes a little time but don’t put it off. Remember being a little prepared is better than being UNprepared! 🙂  Start small and continue to move forward.  I promise you will never regret it.  It is so handy to have all your documents in one place especially when you register your kids for school.  You will sleep better at night knowing that you and your family are on the road to being prepared!  Feel free to email us or comment with questions, suggestions, things you have tried that work, and things that have not.  We all need to learn from each other.Good luck! 🙂

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  1. I have been going through my workbook with you gals and working on these steps. Step 6 is exciting for me! We are working on finishing our basement and will be moving the children downstairs. I need to come up with a new plan for fire, etc. Now I am inspired to do so!!!! 🙂

    • Lacie,
      That’s awesome to hear! Having you work along in your workbook is exactly what we were hoping people would do. Way to go!! Take it “One Step At A Time” and you will make it to the end!

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