FHE – Kindness Kisses

We did this for our FHE in March and it worked out so well with our family I wanted to share the idea with you.  Sometimes in our lives we do stuff that hurt other people that we can’t put a band-aid on.  With those times what do we do and how do we teach our children to make those better?

Here is a FHE about Kindness Kisses and a great activity to do with your family for the month to emphasize what they have learned.  I wanted to be able to emphasize how important it is to do acts of Kindness each day, so I came up with the idea of our “Kindness Bucket”.  I used heart shaped glass to fill our kindness bucket with acts of service.

Each night at the dinner table we would each get a heart and be able to tell what act of service they did for someone that day.  Then they would drop that in our Kindness Bucket.  I told them that if they filled up the bucket by March 31st then we could all go out to Baskin Robbins for a treat.  They worked really hard and tonight we are celebrating all our acts of kindness that we did in March for FHE.  It was wonderful as we told of our service how it reminded us of all the good we could do each day in our lives.

You can use the heart shapes in the PDF file to print out instead of using red glass hearts.  Enjoy!!

Kindness Kisses FHE

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  1. I love this idea! I used Carrie’s idea to get my kids to be more positive (we are still working on that!). Now I can use this to get them to think about being kind. Very nice!

    • Carrie’s idea about being positive WAS a good one. Glad you like this one as well. Baskin Robbins was yummy!!!! Our boys asked we if could do it again, except to go out to dinner for the reward this time. OBVIOUSLY we do not go out to dinner a lot. LOL!

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