Family Fun – Easter & Conference!

I love it when Easter falls on General Conference Sunday.  It is kind of nice to stay at home with your family and listen to the prophet speak on Easter Sunday. 🙂  In light of those two events happening this weekend, I wanted to remind you of some fun tradition ideas that we have shared before as well as a new one. 

You can find a great conference packet link here at one of our favorite websites  Thanks for doing such an awesome job on your website!

I love the idea of  having a  “Conference Wall”.  I did this last October and it worked fabulously.  My kids loved it!  I just placed topics (one topic per sheet of paper) on the wall.  Then I used the 2009ApostleCards and had my kids place each apostle’s photo under the topic they spoke about.  This kept my children interested in what they were saying because they had to figure out what they were talking about! 🙂  I just chose basic topics like the Atonement, Church History, Repentance, Missionary Work, etc.  Sometimes they would change where they had put them half way through their talk because they covered a couple of different topics.  I loved that they were listening that close!  You can also read a little about each apostle before or after they speak from the Apostle Cards.  These have been such a great learning tool!  The photo is kind of small but it will give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

You can check out some previous posts from us here that have some more conference ideas and our great Nature Walk for Easter.  The Nature Walk would be a perfect activity in between sessions on Sunday.  If you can’t do the walk due to the weather, you can always gather the items and talk about them together instead.

I love Easter!  I’m looking forward to the food, the family time, listening to conference, and feeling the Spirit that comes with Easter.  Let’s all remember to take time to reflect on what the Savior did for us – his sacrifice as well as his resurrection.

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