April Fools Day Ideas

So we are a little out of sync with our organization Wednesday, but since tomorrow is April Fools Day we thought it would be fun to give you a few more ideas.  I am actually taking these from my sister-in-law because I thought they were so funny I just had to pass them along.

Carrie Bybee Scott

“My kids are hard sleepers, so one year we switched them into different beds after they fell asleep.  They loved it.  This one is especially fun if you have a baby.  My six year old woke up in the crib and couldn’t figure out what was going on. We also enjoying swapping bags of cereal with other bagged snacks.  They look so surprised when cheez its come out when they are expecting fruity pebbles.  Familyfun.com has some great ideas for tricky food.  I ‘ve made the mini meatloafs in cupcake holders with tinted mashed potatoes for icing. They got a kick out of that.”
Thanks Carrie for your great ideas.  I am thinking the bed switching and cereal ideas are right up my alley!

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