FHE- Parable of the Ketchup

This story is from the April 1999 Friend.  However, I love it so much that I wanted to share it with you.  Illustrations are nice to have but doing it right in your kitchen is even better.  Just squirt ketchup on the floor when it comes to the part in the story where the ketchup bottles break.  I like to leave it there for a while through the story until the end where Carrie is explaining to her primary about the Atonement.  Then take a small mop and clean it up as you talk about the atonement.

Object lessons are so much more powerful then just reading a story and showing pictures along with it.  Just make sure your young children know not to take the bottle and start squirting ketchup all over the floor just for fun!

Parable of the Ketchup

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