Fun Friday – Are you game boxes and puzzles attacking you?

O.k. people, I just barely realized it was my turn to post! LOL!  Only half the day is gone.  So what do we have in store for you today?  I guess it’s not really a tradition but more of a way for your family to have more fun and for you to be less stressed about getting out the games.

I hated our game/linen closet.  I hated opening it up, looking inside for stuff, and then trying to close it as there were always games constantly being tossed on the ground, or falling off the shelves.  Sooooo, what did I do?  I went drastic.  Took all the games out the closet and started throwing them away.  Well, I didn’t really throw them away, but I threw the boxes away.  I was tired of dealing with all the broken boxes, smashed up ones, ones that weren’t closed all the way, you get the idea.  I found a great way to compartmentalize everything and actually gave myself MORE space in my closet.  Let me show you.  (Once again, I forgot to take before photos.)

Here is my one shelf.  I ran out of 2 gallon Ziploc bags, thus I still have a few boxes.  Then there were boards like Scotland Yard and Pictionary whose boards were too long and I need to get a bigger bag for.  I also used the clear totes for my large checkers game.  However, I separated my shelves into games for younger kids and games for older kids.  See how many I have just leaning up against each other?  So much more space and the kids can just throw pieces in the bag without worrying how each one is supposed to fit just right in the box.

Here’s all my games that are younger kid friendly.  I also took all the puzzles out of their boxes, ripped off the cover page showing the puzzle put together, put it inside the bag so you can see which puzzle it is and wahlah!  Sooooo much more room.  Isn’t this looking fun?!!

Shoe organizers are GREAT for all those card games and smaller games that tend to get hidden, fall of the shelves, or just get pushed around a lot.  We even have a designated pocket for me to put all the MIA game pieces in I find throughout the house.  Soooo much easier to slip it in the pocket.  My children know which one to go to if they realize they are missing pieces.  (Sigh of content here.)

I took all the card games and put them in sandwich size bags then slipped them in the pockets.  Are you loving this idea yet?  After doing this we no longer have games attacking us as we open the door, nor are they growing in numbers on the floor.

We would love to hear from you on any ideas you might have for your game closets out there.

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  1. just an idea. For the games that require gameboards, use the largest storage bags from Ziplock. You know the kind that you can put clothes in?

    • Yes, Amy, I guess I wasn’t clear on that in my post. Most of the game boards fit inside of a 2 gallon ziploc bag. There are only a few of the longer boards like the ones in my post that are requiring a larger one, as you suggested. Thanks for you comments!!

  2. you can also store the bags I discuss above from a hook inside the door as well.

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