Step 5c & 5d – Good Clean/Deep Clean Schedules

Spring Cleaning is a phrase that most people really cringe at.  Why not just do away with Spring Cleaning all together.  How?  Set your cleaning schedule up so that you are good cleaning weekly and deep cleaning every other month.  We have explained in depth exactly what this means in our video.  Enjoy and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Kitchen Example

Good Clean Schedules

Deep Clean Schedules

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  1. Do you have a list for each room for good/deep clean? I took a class YEARS ago and I only got the kitchen list.

    • You can buy a set. That is the only place to get them. If you email me, I can give you more details on it. The kitchen list in the 10 Steps book was made as an example page only. I love my Good Clean/Deep Clean Charts. I laminated mine and posted them in the rooms where they belong. It makes it so nice to have my children use those as a guide to what they need to clean. I crossed off with marker, (after lamination) which lines do not pertain to my house. It works perfect.

  2. The links are not working. Is there somewhere else to get them? Thanks!

  3. I would love a new set of Good Clean/Deep Clean cards. Are they available as a download? Thanks!

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