Time for Families – Apostle FHE

General Conference is in a few weeks so at our house it is time to learn about the apostles again!  I have found that my children like to know more about the apostles.  It helps them relate to them when they are speaking.  I decided to use my 2009 Apostle Cards to play a little game.

First print out the cards and laminate them if you want to reuse them again and again.  For this game you will want to have a picture of the Savior.  In primary the children are learning all about prophets.  Yesterday their sharing time was “Prophets testify of Jesus Christ”.  This lesson and game will reinforce that idea.

Opening song:  Follow the Prophet (my kids love this song- you could use any song related to prophets)

Opening prayer

Scripture:  Luke 1:70 “He spake by the mouth of his holy prophets, which have been since the world began.”


Heavenly Father has sent prophets all through time to teach his people.  Prophets are called by God.  They are sent to testify of Jesus Christ and to give his people, members of his church, guidance and direction.  We have a prophet today that receives revelation for our needs at this time.  We will be able to hear from our prophet, President Thomas S. Monson in 3 weeks at General Conference.  We will also be hearing from each of the 12 apostles.  Each of these men are set apart as prophets, seers and revelators.  They each receive revelation and teach us what Heavenly Father wants us to know.   If we listen to them and follow their counsel we will be happy.


Cover a picture of the Savior with some of the apostle cards.  Place them so that the photo is face up (you may want to print 2 copies so you can read from the back of your second set otherwise you will have to write it all down).  Then read clues from the back of the cards and see if your children can guess who you are reading about.  When they guess it (you may have to help them on some of the newer ones), take their photo off of the Saviors picture.  Once you have guessed all of the apostles, explain that each of them will testify of Jesus Christ.  They are called as special witnesses of Jesus Christ and if you listen to their talks in conference you will hear them testify of Him.

Bear testimony of prophets and how important they are.  Give your kids a chance to bear their testimonies as well.

Closing prayer


You can play this game over and over using different apostles each time.  By the time conference time is here your kids will be more familiar with each of them.  Encourage your kids to listen for their testimony of the Savior as they are giving their talks.

You may also want to check out my post from last conference time for the General Conference Wall.  It really helps keep your kid’s attention during conference.

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