Organizing Your Kitchen Drawers with Simple Totes

I have been staring at my kitchen drawers for years now, hating that fact that things get tossed in there with no sense of rhyme or reason.  Finally today, I had an awesome idea, while a little bummed I hadn’t thought of it so many years before now.  It really would have been impressive to take before pictures, I always think of that AFTER I am almost done organizing my stuff.  NOTE TO SELF!

It’s always driven me nuts how things just get thrown in drawers and then you are searching all over just to find that one item you need for cooking, measuring, serving, etc.  Sooooo, I went to my happy place of totes and decided I could use my leftover ones just sitting there to organize my drawers better.
Ahhhhhhhhh, life is grand!
Notice they all fit!  Back left for my cooking tools like blender blades, tongs, scissors, etc.  Back right is all my serving utensils, and front and center is all my stiring, whipping, and scrapping tools.
Next drawer is all my measuring and other specialty kitchen tools, plus my cutting board.
Last drawer, where all my tupperware lids used to be, is my foodsaver and bags, blender and a few other larger specialty items.
Can you see the wonderful lids to my tupperware in that beautiful tote on the bottom?  I sure can!!! LOVE IT!
Life is bliss like this!

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