Step 5 a&b – Cleaning tote & Saturday Checklist

We have covered steps 1-4 to this point.  We have talked about getting a blue print for your house, a Daily Quick Clean, 3 Boxes and Routines.  We have decluttered and learned how to keep the house looking straight.  Now we are going to pull out the cleaning supplies and get to work!  🙂    It’s time to gather your cleaning supplies.  To begin you will need a cleaning tote.  This can be an actual cleaning tote that you buy at the store, a mop bucket you can tote your cleaning supplies in or even an ice cream bucket if your supplies fit in it!

  Stack-On 16in. Tote Tray, Model# ST-16 | Buy now for just $4.99!

Having a cleaning tote will you save you time!  You will no longer have to run from floor to floor or room to room to gather a cleaning supply that you forgot.  If you have the closet space, you can also have a cleaning closet in each area of your home for convenience.  You need to decide what works for you.  The tote keeps all supplies near you at all times.  It is very handy!

Once you have something to put your supplies in, you can start to fill your tote.  You will want to stock it with window cleaner (this can be used for so much more than cleaning windows!), toilet cleaner, swiffers (I use these to dust my blinds), microfiber cloths (these can be used to dust and clean just about anything!), and paper towels.  You may have other supplies that you want to add to the list.  Remember less is more.  You don’t want to tote a ton of cleaners all over the house.  You don’t need them.  You can get the job done with very few supplies!   Once you have gathered the supplies and added them to your tote you are ready to go.

Cleaning is tons more fun if you do it as a family.  A Saturday Checklist will help you make sure that you get it all done.  Saturdays can be extremely full!  It seems to be the day we all use to get caught up but it should also be a fun day with your family!  To avoid spending every Saturday working ALL DAY, make a list of all the chores you need done on Saturday and put them on your checklist.  Once you have created your list,  make assignments.  You can randomly assign jobs, assign them according to age appropriateness and/or have them choose them out of a hat (this way you are not the mean mom!).  Whatever you decide, post the Saturday checklist and let them know that when the jobs are done, play time begins!

Remember to take things one step at a time!  The following link is a song by Jordin Sparks called One Step At A time.  It is fun to listen to and to clean to! 🙂  Prepare your supplies and your checklist then check back in 2 weeks to learn how to create your own cleaning charts and a cleaning schedule.  In step 5 c&d, you will learn what to clean and when.

One Step At A Time

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