Time for Families – FHE Atonement

This family home evening lesson is to supplement what your children learned in primary on Sunday.  It can be easily adapted for small children or older children who may be ready to dive in to deeper doctrine.  The children have been learning about the atonement this month.

Opening Song:   The Third Article of Faith p. 123

Opening prayer

Lesson/Activity:  This week they are one and the same! 🙂

Have your family act out the scripture story of Alma the younger and his conversion to the gospel.  It is found in Alma 36.  The kids love acting it out.  It really brings the story to life.  While you are telling the story point out how the people may have felt when Alma was speaking against the church.  He was the son of the prophet.  They may have felt confused, angry, helpless, etc.  Throughout the story point out how the people involved may have felt – try to make the story come to life for them.  The table below will help you outline what happened in the story and how it relates to us today (I found this on LDS.org in a talk given by a general authority – it is fabulous!)

Verse(Alma 36) Phrases from the scriptures Parallels to our day
6 Alma went about seeking to destroy the church You commit a sin
6-11 God sent His angel to stop Alma You get caught in your sin
11-16 Alma was struck with fear; he was racked with torment You are tormented, afraid and penitent
17 Alma remembered to have heard his father prophesy of the Atonement You remember what you were taught in family home evening about the Atonement
18 Alma prayed for mercy You pray for forgiveness
19 Alma could remember his pains no more You feel no more pain for your sins
21-23 Alma received joy, light and strength You receive joy, light and strength
24 Alma labored without ceasing to save souls. You teach those around you the gospel and you are a good example
27 Alma was supported in his trials You are supported in your trials

Testimony:  Share your testimony of the Savior and what the atonement means to you.  You may want to have your children finish the following phrases:

I am grateful to the Savior because _____________  and

The Savior will help me ____________________

This will give them a chance to share their testimony of the Savior.

Closing Prayer


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