Family Fun – President’s Day Idea


Okay so I realize I’m a little behind (since this post should have happened on Friday!).  I have had a crazy 3 weeks and completely spaced my post – so sorry!   Anyway I wanted to leave a fun idea for you since we have had President’s Day this month.  My little boy was born on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday (February 12th) so every year we spend a little time talking about him.  I came across a fun activity you can do with your kids.  It is called Penny Puzzle.

Can you find the following things on the front side of a Lincoln penny?  Be careful, some are tricky.  The first answer is given.

1. Flowers – tulips (two lips)

2. Fruit

3. Part of a river

4. Country

5. Small animal

6. A drink that is against the word of wisdom

7. Yourself

Good luck!  You may want to give a little history on Abraham Lincoln as you do this activity.  He was a man worth learning about. 🙂

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