Fun Friday – Valentine’s Tradition Idea

Here’s a great way to have your Webelo pass off a cub scout requirement and get a great tradition idea in as well.  When my oldest was 10 he had to make something USEFUL from wood.  We came up with the idea of making wooden hearts with wire in the top for some love note holders for our Valentine’s Day Dinner.  (I know that they look VERY homemade, but that too brings up those great memories of watching him make these by himself.  I wouldn’t change a thing about it.)  You and/or your spouse can write a letter to each of your children expressing why you love them and what qualities they have that you really enjoy.  Put them in your card holder and place them on the table at dinner time.  Then, before or after dinner, everyone can open theirs and read it aloud or to themselves while sitting at the table.  It’s a great way to spend Valentine’s Dinner with your family and bring some extra bit of love to your children.  You can even express a desire for your children to do the same for you and your spouse so that everyone can have a little something to read.



Another fun idea is to have a bucket with their names on it.  Walmart has some cute red tin ones on sale right now.  We have ours high up so no one can get in them until Valentine’s Day.  On that day they get to retrieve them down and look inside for a special Valentine’s Day treat.  This could be anything from socks, candy, gift card, coupon for a night out, etc.  Make it match what they would think would be cool.  In these times of spending thrifty, give everyone a bottle of bubbles and you can have a bubble war with the family!  Everyone will be laughing by the end and you will have created a fun and simple, yet memorable, event that they will remember for a long time.  Sometimes the cheapest ideas make the greatest memories!



CHALLENGE: Try it and see.  I would love to see your comments on what you put in your child’s bucket that didn’t cost a lot of money but was something that created a great memory.  I will be looking after Valentine’s Day to see who rises up to the challenge.  Remember part of the challenge is to come back and share your ideas with me and everyone else who reads our blog!

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