Happy New Year!

We hope your holidays have been fantastic!  We apologize for taking a little break but if you know us well, you know that our families come first.  This time of year there are so many opportunities to have family time that we tend to focus there, rather than on the blog.  Thanks for understanding! 🙂

I wanted to share a quick New Year’s tradition idea.  In our family we measure each child every year.  We measure their height, weight, bicep, & waist size.  It is fun to see how they grow over the years.  I usually post these on my blog with a photo from that year.  (We actually mark their height on a wall in our pantry also so they can see how much they grew from the year before.)  I make my blog into my scrapbook so if you don’t blog you may want to put this in your scrapbook.  If you don’t do either, it might be fun to keep it in a file with their name on it.  It is fun to see how much they change and grow each year.   My boys love it when their biceps get bigger and they look more grown up. 🙂  This tradition is a fun start to a new year.  We also include our new years resolutions so we can check them next year and see how we did.  I read on another blog about a family that makes news years posters with their resolutions so they can put them up and be reminded of them.  Not a bad idea especially if your kid’s new years resolutions are ‘listen to mom and dad’ and ‘do my best in everything’.  Aren’t those fabulous resolutions?  It would be great to have a constant reminder! 🙂

It is nice to have a fresh new start with a brand new year!  We are getting back into the swing of things at My Heart & Home.  We will begin posting our steps soon and we will continue with our traditions, recipes and FHE ideas.  Please be patient with us as we get things going again.  Thanks so much!

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  1. Are you having an open house to sell your product in the future? Or can I come to you and see what is still available?

    • We are not having an open house, but only because we didn’t think about that. What a great idea. You are welcome to come to my house to see what’s available still. I will email you and give you my address and my phone number. Just call me to make sure I will be home.

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