Time For Families – The White Stocking

This is one of my favorite traditions I like to do for our FHE close to Christmas.  It is also great for Visiting Teaching too.  We hang a white stocking that belongs to Jesus among our other stockings.  You can even hang it on the tree if you would like.  If this is your first year, then give everyone a small paper and have them write what their gift to Jesus will be for the next year.  Fold them up and place them in the white stocking to hang during the Christmas season.  Next year, on a Monday night, or even on the Eve of Christmas, take out the gifts and let everyone read what their gift is and then talk about if they were able to truely give this gift to Christ.  I love this idea because it puts the focus on giving and also on Christ.

We have made some papers you can write on, and also if you want to use this idea for a great Visiting teaching idea, there is a small letter as well that your family to sign their name to.

White Stocking Gift Tags.pdf

Merry Christmas to all our My Heart & Home friends and family!

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  1. I love this tradition too. We sell white stockings in our etsy shop if someone would rather purchase than make themselves.

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