Fun Friday – Inexpensive Neighborhood Gifts

I was going to mention another tradition we are starting this year, one that had me crying uncontrollably for a good half hour.  I even scared away my husband with my crying, after he realized no one had died and that I was just fine.  However, I have it on good authority that Tracey has that one covered.  Stay tuned to our blog to find out just what it is.

This year we are starting another new tradition.  It’s the year of firsts, I think.  Our street is going to donate to a woman’s shelter instead of send around gifts to each other.  Three families came up with the idea and we loved it!  They sent around a letter talking about what they are doing specifically and then added an envelope to put your contribution in or you could choose items that are needed on the list and donate that way.  This coming Monday we are getting together for a neighborhood party to bring all our items and donations and to celebrate the giving season.  We are each bring a dish to share with everyone else.  I am sure it will become a tradition every year to give to a place in need and to teach our children the true spirit of giving this Christmas.  We haven’t given out many challenges to you lately so here is a special one.

CHALLENGE: Starting right here, on your computer.  Type up a letter to the neighbors on your street and invite them to join you this Christmas to give to those in need instead of giving to those who might not really need them.  You could host a party at your house inviting them to bring a dish to share or a treat or maybe just get together for hot cider and enjoy an evening of friends and laughter.  Remember, it’s not about what you give your children or your spouse or your parents for that matter.  It’s what you give to those around you who have less than you do, that’s what matters most.

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