Time For Families – A gift for our Savior

This time of year my kids seem to get a bad case of the “gimmies”!  We focus a lot on ‘What do you want for Christmas?’, so that we can get our Christmas shopping done.  As the Holiday season begins, I like to bring their focus back to the why instead of the what.  Why do we celebrate Christmas instead of what do you want for Christmas?

Every year at my house we do an advent calendar to count down the days to Christmas.  Each day we talk about something different that relates to Christmas.  The first 13 days are spent talking about the symbols of Christmas (Christmas trees, the color red, the candy cane, etc.) and the last 12 days are spent talking about the nativity.  Each item we discuss has a scripture and/or story or activity to go with it.  We have created some fun traditions that can also be used for family  night.  This year I want to start off the advent calendar by talking about what we can give the Savior.  We usually do this about midway through but I think our focus needs to begin centered more around the Savior this time of year.

We have a white stocking that we hang up with our other stockings.  Each of us writes down what our gift to the Savior will be this year and then we put it into the stocking.  The next year we pull it out to see what we wrote the year before and talk about how we did.  For Family Home Evening tonight we are going to talk about what the Savior did for us (his life, his example, his death and his resurrection).  After the lesson we will pull out last year’s “gifts” from the stocking and talk about how we did.  Then we will write down something that we can give the Savior this year (being kind to others, being a good example, making good choices, serving others, etc.).  To finish, we will talk about serving others this time of year.  For primary we tied fleece blankets for a nursing home nearby.  My kids enjoyed it so much that I want to have them tie some blankets to take to the Christmas Box House.  It seems that when we can focus more on service we tend to lose the “gimmies” and remember our Savior more.

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  1. Where can I get a copy of this picture (with or without words)? I’d love to put it over our mantle this Christmas. Thanks!!

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