What’s on the menu? – Homemade Stuffing

What?  No, Stove Top?  No more store bought stuffing after you try this yummy recipe!  My whole life I thought stuffing came in a box.  Imagine my surprise on my first Thanksgiving with my in-laws, when I tasted “homemade” stuffing.  Totally different experience!  For years, my husband begged me to learn his family recipe, but I was always too intimidated.  I finally overcame my fear and learned how to make this super easy recipe.  What was I scared of?  It’s super moist and tastes the best when cooking inside the turkey.  I hope your family loves it too!

1 bag seasoned stuffing crumbs

3-4 celery – roughly diced

1 onion – roughly diced


1 can chicken broth

1 egg – beaten

1/4 cube shortening – melted

In a large bowl mix the stuffing crumbs, celery and onion.  Sprinkle with sage.  Pour shortening over crumbs and mix well.  Combine egg with chicken broth.  Pour over crumbs and mix well. May add more broth if it seems too dry.  Stuff crumbs inside the turkey or place stuffing in baking dish.  Bake with turkey until turkey is cooked or bake in pan for  30 minutes at 350 degrees.

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