Tuesday’s Tip – Coupon Organizer

On Sunday, I decided I was tired of having a big huge coupon binder that is hard to take with me to the stores.  I also didn’t want to buy one and spend money that wasn’t involved in our budget.  Instead I challenged myself to see if I could make one using only the supplies I have around the house.  I have to say, after a couple of tries that didn’t really work I came up with a FANTASTIC idea.  I can’t wait to share it with you!  You only need a few supplies and, wallah, you are more organized with your coupons and your cash you spend!

Supplies needed:

One used Franklin Covey planner, or one that zips up, it doesn’t have to be Franklin Covey.

Some unused photo holders

Crack and peel or labels that are blank

Shipping tape that is clear.

Hole Punch.

Cut your photo holders to fit in your binder.  I got creative and cut along the small spacing left between each photo holder to make that my hole punch area.

Hole punch them to fit your binder.

On our website is a freebie you can use for typing in your categories to Microsoft Word.  I will leave the categories I did on there so you can use them or change them if you want.

Before you cut out each tab, run a strip of shipping tape over the whole row of tabs.  This gives you instant lamination.

Cut out each tab.  I like to take the whole strip of backing off the label before I cut them apart.  It makes it easier so you are not fiddling with small little rectangles of backing.

Stick them together front to back using your photo holders.

Load them with your coupons and put them all in your binder and you are ready to go!  Enjoy!

I have loaded the pictures so you can see exactly how I put it together.  I have already used it this week and have fallen in love all over again with coupons.  I love that it fits in my purse and is easy to use without being cumbersome.  I even keep my restaurant coupons and other activity coupons in there, just in case we have spontaneous family activity.  I hope you love it as much as I do!

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