Time for Families – Build a Monster

A fun idea for Family Home Evening tonight would be to play our Build A Monster game while emphasizing the importance of Halloween Safety.  We discovered this monster last on a really cute website last year.  Divide into teams or play as a family.  Once the monster is built the treat can be the refreshments for FHE that night.  Talk about the list of Trick-or-Treat Safety with your family during the lesson.

Build A Monster Game in Black and White

The list is given below:

Use makeup or face paint instead of masks

Always trick or treat with a grown up

Walk on sidewalks

Look both ways before crossing the street

If you go in the dark, wear reflective tape and carry flashlights

Plan costumes so you won’t trip over them

Have a grown-up check your treats before you eat them

Go to houses of people you know

Go to houses with lights on

Remember to say “Thank you!”

After going over these key safety points let your family know that you are going to build Frankenstein.  If they successfully build him you get to eat refreshments.  Ask each family member if they can give you a safety tip you talked about in the lesson.  For every safety tip, put a piece of monster up.  He’s a pretty cute Frankenstein, with heart boxer shorts and everything!

Another great idea is to use this for a party game and play it like Pin the tail on the donkey.  Instead you are building a monster while blind folded.

Have a great Halloween this weekend and remember to be safe!!

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  1. Wonderful idea – I’m a teacher and I might use it for my kids at school! Thanks!

    • Thanks Kate, I think you will LOVE it!! I just barely fixed the link to the PDF and added the 11×17 size to it. Did you see the other classroom games that you could use for class? Valerie

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