Tuesday’s Tips – Closet Organizer

I recently organized my daughter’s toys.  She is the only one that has toys in her room and she has a lot of them!   There are a ton of tiny toys.  What is the deal with girls and little toys?  She had dolls, clothes, dress ups, doll clothes, phones, purses and little accessories everywhere!  I had them in a basket and they still looked like a mess.  The shoe organizer is one of my favorites.  It can be used for all different kinds of things in all different rooms of your house.  You can use it for toys, scrapbooking supplies, office supplies, kitchen pantry items, hair ribbons and anything else you can think of!  It is a great way to organize loose items that seem to clutter up any space.  I love the way it looks and she loves that she can see all of her toys.  We used to dig forever just to find a little shoe for one of her dolls.  Now she can see everything and knows exactly where to look.  One disadvantage is that she can’t reach it all but if you ask me that is actually in my favorite.  When she can’t reach it, she has to ask me and I have a little more control over her disasters! 🙂

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