Time For Families – Learn about the 12 Apostles!

Sorry this is being posted so late in the day!  I have had sick kids all weekend so it has been a little rough accomplishing this today!  I am hoping that you may be able to use it some time in the future! 🙂

General Conference has inspired our family to learn more about the 12 Apostles and the First Presidency.  These Apostle Cards are really fun.  They list all kinds of details about the current 12 Apostles and the First Presidency.  They have color photos of each Apostle along with facts about them.  Our family has taken a few (depending on time and our attention span) to review each Family Night since conference.  It has been fun to get better acquainted with these wonderful men.  I am hoping that in April when it is conference time again my kids will recognize them when they speak and learn to watch for them.  We also used them during conference to make a conference wall.  I created sheets with a topic on them and we placed their photo under the topic we thought they were talking about.  The kids loved it!

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  1. These cards are fantastic! I printed off two sets for the Sacrament Meeting bag (I’m going to laminate them back-to-back) and another set for my FHE files so we can play Concentration with them.

    You did such a wonderful job with them! Thank you for sharing with your readers. It’s (part of) what makes this site so great! 🙂

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