Just for Fun – It’s fall!

Fall is my favorite season.  For our family it means football (I have 4 boys), hunting (for my husband – it’s not really my thing!), crisp cool air, canning, picking apples off the tree, and Halloween!   It also means the holidays are upon us.  I just love this time of year.  There is something nostalgic about it.  I don’t know what it is but there is something in the air that takes me back to my childhood.  Every Halloween we would go trick or treating and then head to grandma’s house for a homemade sugar cookie (they are to die for!).  Now I am taking my kids to great grandma’s after they go trick or treating and creating memories for them.  Aren’t grandmas the best? 🙂
We have some great family traditions thanks to our fabulous grandmas.  My Mother in law always has a family Halloween party.  At first my husband and I resisted.  For some reason it was just not our thing to get dressed up for Halloween.  However, over the years we have learned to relax and get into it.  It has become a great tradition that our family looks forward to.  Most of the fun is in the costumes.   One year my brother in law and his wife AND my mother in law and father in law dressed up as Utes from the University of Utah.  It wasn’t planned.  They both had the idea separately and showed up in the same costumes.  In order to understand the severity of these costumes you would have to understand my family’s fanaticism for BYU.  This costume was actually “scary” and one of the cousins even started crying!  He couldn’t understand why grandma and grandpa would do such a thing.  Of coarse it was short lived and we ended up laughing about it.   It was hysterical!   It is always a lot of fun.  The kids love seeing their cousins in their costumes.  We don’t live close to them so we wouldn’t ordinarily get to see them in their costumes.   Thanks for getting us together Grandma Nelsen!

My mom plans a day where she takes the kids to pick out pumpkins at the local pumpkin patch.  Then she takes them back to her house and lets them paint them.  She doesn’t worry one bit about the mess.  She is great that way!  The kids love painting their pumpkins.  We have had bats, ghosts, witches, football players and all kinds of pumpkins.  My mom also takes us to the corn maze.  The kids love getting together with their cousins and going down the HUGE slide.  They also enjoy finding their way through the corn maze.  There is a lot of screaming and laughing as we make our way through.

I just love fall and Halloween and all the fun traditions that come with it.   We are lucky to have such great grandmas.  They are so much fun and they are making memories for our kids that will last a lifetime.


Our favorite HUGE slide!
 Going on a bone hunt!

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