The Garage Monster!

Do you have a monster living in your house? My monster lives in my garage. I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen a monster here or there lurking in the shadows of your own home. Maybe for you, it’s a closet, a drawer, a room, or everywhere you look! We’ve all felt those scary feelings of trying to tackle and defeat the monster of paper, clutter, dirt, cleaning, and overall unorganization. It can truly make you want to run for your bed and hide under the covers. Don’t let the monster take over! There is a way to defeat the monster and become the heroine of your home!

For me, I fought my monster with my whole family. My son, Austin, is working on his Family Life merit badge for Boy Scouts. For this badge, he had to lead a family in a home project. I instantly thought of the monster lurking in the garage and knew it would be perfect! Before we started tackling the mess, I walked through the garage with Austin and looked at each section of our garage. I asked questions like, “Whose stuff does this belong to?” “What needs to be cleaned in this area?” “Who do you want to assign to do this job?” “How long do we have to spend on this?”. I loved it! It helped me to see what needed to get done and it also helped my son to take charge and give out assignments. We all went to work! If there was ever any question, my son was able to tell us what needed to be done. It was truly a family effort. The best part of all, is that the monster wasn’t as scary as I had imagined him to be. In a little less than 3 hours, we had the garage sparkling clean and monster free! If you are looking for additional ideas on how to tackle your organizing monsters, check out our 10 Steps to Organized, Step 3 videos.

Now if I could just get up the nerve to tackle my office monster…

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