Evening Routines . . . My Get Ready Shelf!

Valerie talked about getting back into a routine after school begins.  Sometimes that can be a challenge.  I believe routines really work but it may take some time to figure out what works best for you!  Don’t be afraid to keep working on it until you find what works for your family.  We all have different kids, different activities and different priorities.  You need to find what works with you and go with it!

Morning, evening and weekly routines can really help your family know what to expect.  Evening routines become even more important during the school year.  Your evening routine now includes bath time, homework time, reading time,  family time, and possibly time for a chore or two!  Kid’s will resist less if they know what is coming next.  We all have busy lives and some consistency is important with your kids.  Decide now when homework will be completed, where they will do it and where they will keep their supplies.  Make sure they understand what is expected and when.  Sit down and discuss what will work with your schedule.  If they know that right after dinner they need to start homework, then baths, then reading time, family prayer and lights out, your job will be a lot easier!

There are a few things that you can do before you go to bed to make your life a little easier in the morning.  To start with, do a quick clean in the evening.  Have your family get in on the action too!  Set a timer and pick up for 10 minutes each night.  If you need to, you can use the clutter bug once this time is up.  The clutter bug eats all the clutter that remains after 10 minutes and your kids will have to do chores in order to get their clutter back.  A few nights of the clutter bug coming out and your kids will be sure to make their 10 minutes of pick up count every night! 🙂  The next thing you can do is prepare for the morning by packing back packs, checking the lunch calendar so you are prepared to either make a lunch or send money, check the calendar so you know what is happening the next day.  A get ready shelf, basket or bin of some kind can also be helpful here.  Everything you need for the morning can be put on this shelf so that it is ready to go out the door when you do!  For some reason time seems to run out quickly in the morning.  A little preparation the night before can make things go a little smoother, not to mention a little happier! 🙂

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