That’s Unique and That’s Good!

My pre-schooler came home today and shared something with me he learned at pre-school.  Now this coming from the boy who when we ask him what he learned at primary, he always says, “I don’t know.”  He said to me, “Mom, I learned something today.  That’s unique and that’s good!”  This was obviously shared from his teacher who taught the class that theirs doesn’t have to look like everybody else.  They can be unique and that it’s perfectly fine to be unique.  I wanted to share this thought with you because it can play such a big part in all of our lives.  As you look at yourself, don’t compare your house with someone else, your cleaning routine with your neighbors, or even ours for that matter.  You are unique and that’s good!

You try and that’s good!

You progress one step at a time and that’s good!

You try to become better than who you were yesterday and that’s good!

Please pass this on to your children as well.  Was their way of cleaning not the same as yours but still accomplished the same purpose?

Was it unique and did you celebrate it for what it was or were you a little too critical?

Make it a goal to say to your children for the rest of the week, “That’s unique and that’s good!  Thank you!”

After all isn’t this what the Father would say to each one of us?

Enjoy your journey as well as your children’s journey too.

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  1. I really needed to hear this message today. Thank you for posting it! 🙂

    I’m unique and that’s okay! (whew!)

  2. You are unique Kemi, and that’s why it’s good! Each one of us is unique in our own way and the trick is to recognize and then celebrate that uniqueness in ourselves and in others. Thanks for your continual comments. We LOVE them. That’s part of what makes you unique to us!

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