Menu’s, menu’s, do I remember what they are?

Last night gave me a wake up call.  We were so active during the summer that I got out of the habit of planning my menus consistently.  It was 5:40 pm, we were at my 6 year old’s soccer game, and my husband said, “After our meeting gets done, I will only have a few minutes to eat dinner before I go to bishopric meeting.”  Soccer was from 5:30 to 6:30, we had a meeting for our other son from 6:30 to 7:30, mutual for our oldest at 7:00, then bishopric meeting.  At that point I realized I had forgotten to THINK about dinner and my mind was racing frantically trying to figure out what I could possibly fix in 10 minutes.  Ha!  Have you ever whipped up a nutritious meal in 10 minutes while at a soccer game?  Yesterday would have been a perfect day for a crock pot meal.  Now, here I am at a soccer game, stuck.  At that point I was just hoping my husband had eaten a large lunch!

So today is a shout out to everyone reminding you to get back in the swing of things and plan your menus ahead of time.  With so many schedules combined together, you may only have a small window of time to eat dinner together.  By looking ahead at your calendar and planning appropriately, you can have those crazy days like mine and still sit peaceful knowing dinner is already cooked at home ready to be eaten.

We have great tools to help you plan.  Our Weekly Menu Planner notepad and Shopping List notepad are currently on sale right now.  They will be that way until we get closer to lowering our quantities, which will be very soon.  I’ve got mine ready to use as soon as I am done blogging.  Feel free to leave any other suggestions on our blog as to what works great for you.  We love to get new ideas and share them with everyone!  Happy meal planning, everyone!

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